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Students Still Stay Connected - ZOOM Meetings are everywhere!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

You didn't think that a Pandemic would stop Inland Leaders from teaching students, did you?

On March 16th, a week before our annual spring break, our country was asked to shelter in place to avoid contracting and/or spreading a virus called, COVID-19. Our director, Mike Gordon, compliantly shut our doors and hoped for the best in returning after spring break.

"As part of the effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, Inland Leaders will be closed starting March 16 and will reopen after spring break on Tuesday, April 7. Regardless of the closure, it is our desire that your student's academic progress continues. You will receive further information from your child's teacher in regards to how the learning process will continue for your student for next week."

During our 2-week spring break, our staff wrapped their heads around what a home based learning model would look like and rallied together. This is what they came up with and boy, was it a hit!


We are extremely blessed that out school is almost a 1-1 ratio for technology. We offered iPads and Chromebooks to each student to use at home.

ZOOM trainings!

Each staff member had to get familiar with the ZOOM video conferencing program. Then, create a tutorial for parents and students. Our teachers are sure creative!

The Lunch Program!

Even though we were sheltering in place, the students still needed to be fed. Our lunch program was in full swing and the families were very thankful.

Virtual Spirit Week!

We had the BEST feedback from families for something so silly... Our activities coordinator sent out posts to families were they participated in a virtual spirit week. We had a Pajama Day (so fitting for the circumstances...), Twin Day, Crazy Hair Day and so many more.

Still no school? April 7th came and went. On April 17th, Mr. Gordon updated our school.

"As many of you know, our school sites have not been officially closed for the remainder of the year.  The decision to re-open is still pending based on information we receive from our local, state and national authorities..."

Our staff and families were devastated, but pressed on and made the best out of what they were asked to do. Even though it wasn't a "traditional" classroom or school day, our teachers, parents, and students continued to learn and have fun.

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