Welcome to ILCS Middle School!

At The California Street Campus

Our middle school offers an exemplary educational program with small class size, a multitude of electives and sports, and 21st century integration through Google Chromebooks.  Students are treated and trained as leaders in a positive environment with high expectations for all.   

Our Middle School Team

Please use this link https://sites.google.com/inlandleaders.com/7and8 to get ALL middle school helpful information.

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Kellie Cowan

7th Grade Math

Julie Ferris

7th Grade History

Geena Burgess

7th Grade English

Briana Yates

7th Grade Science

Juli Hafner

P.E. Aide

Garrett Holt

Technology Support Assistant

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Michael Barre

8th Grade Math

Jason Bess

8th Grade History

Stacey Wassif

8th Grade English

Amy Stodelle

8th Grade Science

Jeremy Hoch

Boy's P.E. Teacher

Dayanara Garcia

Middle School Spanish Teacher

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