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independent Study

Independent Study

The Homeschool Option

Inland Leaders educates the majority of its students in a site-based program in which students attend school each day. As a part of our desire to serve the community of home-schooled students we also offer an independent study program that closely resembles what we do in our regular site-based classes. If you are interested please complete form below. Also below is a link to the independent study website and blog spot.

Hybrid Interest Survey

Independent Study Interest Form

Independent Study Website

Cub Squad

Homeschool at School

For the homeschoolers between the grade levels of Kindergarten through 1st grade, we offer 1 day a week at our Bryant Street Campus. The students will have a day filled with classroom instruction, recess and a snack break. Their day will begin at 8:45 AM and end at 11:45 AM.

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our course offerings or to talk with a member of our staff.

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