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volunteering @ ilcs

We love our volunteers, here at ILCS! If you are interested in volunteering in your student(s) classroom(s), you will first reach out to your student(s) teacher(s) for their availability, schedule, and process. Secondly, you will come into the office to get cleared for volunteering. We use a commonly used system called, Raptor.



Q: Will I need to show my ID every time I volunteer?

A: No, we will only need your ID that one time. After that, you will not need your ID as you will be in our system. 

Q: What if I don't have an ID with me?

A: While it's most optimal to have your ID at the initial time, we can also use other information for this process.

Q: What if I was already cleared in previous years through the Raptor system? Do I still need to do this?

A: Yes, we require a new approval every school year. 

Q: Can other family members, such as grandparents, volunteer too?

A: Absolutely! They will need to complete the Raptor process as well.

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