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Resources & Program FAQ's

What is “short-term” Independent Study?

When a student misses school due to absence, he/she is required to complete assigned make-up work.  When the absence exceeds more than one day, the makeup work becomes part of a short-term Independent Study process. In the event that your child is absent for two or more consecutive days, request an Independent Study packet from the front office at your child’s campus.  Completing Independent Study work, filling out the appropriate forms provided by the office, & turning it in is mandatory for all families.


What is “long-term” Independent Study?

Independent Study is an optional educational program, available to all of the state’s K-12 public school students. Students enrolled in an Independent Study program typically complete their studies under the direction of their parent in the home environment. ILCS commits to provide the highest quality instruction and guidance to families who desire to educate their student from home.


What is PACE?

PACE stands for Pupil Acceleration for Continued Excellence. ILCS believes that students should have a love for learning and that love should be promoted and fostered in their daily academic life. As part of our belief in individualizing education, we have developed the PACE program. During language arts and math periods, PACE students will have the opportunity to move into their appropriate leveled classroom. Students who demonstrate the ability to function at a higher level in these subjects will be accelerated throughout the year.  This acceleration will only take place with teacher recommendation, and permission from the parent.


What is the Dress to Success (dress code) policy?

The philosophy of ILCS is to prepare students as 21st Century Leaders. We continually consider ways to improve our ability to teach and educate students to prepare them for whatever job or career they choose. In our research, most positions require a uniform or professional dress type of standard. Colors are not important in this policy and the overarching dynamic is not about everyone’s personal preference when it comes to attire, piercings, or other styles in fashion but to help students understand that their attire at school has a standard of expectation.

  1. Collared shirts and/or ILCS blue lion logo shirts are required and they must fully cover the torso from the waist to a point no lower than two inches from the collarbone; shirts must also cover the top of the shoulder. If the shirt has buttons, the buttons must be fastened to a point no lower than two inches from the collarbone.

  2. Dresses and rompers must cover the entire torso including the back and the top of the shoulder with a scoop line that reaches a point no lower than two inches beneath the collarbone. Hemlines must not extend more than three inches above the knee.

  3. All pants/skirts/shorts must fall at, or above, the student’s natural waistline.

  4. All clothing, including jackets, must be free of text & graphic (pictures/drawings) prints. Small

    branding logos (no larger than a credit card) such as Polo, Lacoste, Nike, etc. are acceptable.

    Patterns such as stripes and plaids are acceptable.

  5. Hats are not to be worn indoors but may have appropriate text or logos. Hats must be worn

    forward and not turned sideways or backwards.

  6. Shoes must be in good repair and have a heel strap.

  7. All clothing should be in good repair without rips, tears, holes, or fraying (either intentional or


  8. Students may wear ILCS tee shirts and sweatshirts. On Fridays, students may wear tee-shirts

    and sweatshirts supporting ILCS electives/events and tee shirts and sweatshirts that represent colleges/universities or military. These shirts and sweatshirts should be free of inappropriate graphics.

  9. With the exception of shorts, all hemlines must be no higher than three inches above the knee. Hemlines for shorts must be no higher than five inches from the knee.

  10. Athletic wear and leisurewear is not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to athletic shorts or pants, yoga pants, leggings worn as pants, tee shirts, pajama pants except on school sponsored dress up days. Undergarments must never be visible.

  11. Attire including jewelry/accessories such as piercings that present a safety hazard or distraction to the educational environment are not permissible.

  12. ILCS-sports team shirts & outerwear can be worn each day. Outerwear includes jackets, hoodie/crewneck sweatshirts, and sweaters. Crewneck sweatshirts and sweaters must have a neckline that reaches a point no lower than two inches from the collarbone.

Student consequences for violations will be subject to progressive discipline as determined in the schoolwide discipline plan and initiatives.

Chronic violation of the policy constitutes a violation of the ILCS / Parent Contract and may result in further action by the ILCS Board.

School administration is provided the discretion to determine if certain attire meets the dress code that is not specifically listed in the policy above.

Here is a link to the Lands' End site where we have suggested dress code attire.


What is Success Academy?

All Kindergarten through 6th-grade teachers offers Success Academy sessions for students who need additional support in academics. Our goal with the academy is to offer sessions that include skills to be proactive and effective in school and in life. Placement in Success Academy is up to each teacher’s discretion, & when requested, attendance in the program is required. 


What is the Electives program?

Our electives program is an optional, after school, program available to all Kindergarten through 8th-grade students. The program offers classes in foreign languages, athletics, the arts, culinary skills, martial arts, technology, and more. Electives run throughout the year in 2 separate sessions (Session A & Session B). Many electives offered are free, but others vary in cost & are usually paid to the instructor in charge of the class.

To express interest in elective classes, families must sign up for potential placement in classes, which is followed by verification in class placement (some classes fill to capacity). After placement is given, a waitlist is offered.  The waitlist allows students priority to enter classes that are full, pending a seat becomes available.  


What is SCAT (Student Contract Accountability Team)?

ILCS will initiate a Student Contract Accountability Team meeting with students and parents who demonstrate inconsistent attendance or other issues that breach the school contract. Parents will be required to attend a mandatory meeting with the school director, board members, administration, & teachers to discuss resolutions and develop an action plan. In the event that the student's attendance or behavior does not improve, the issue may be referred by the director to the ILCS Board in closed session to discuss whether the student will be allowed to continue enrollment at the school.


What is Parent Square?

Parent Square is an automated system for email, posts, & announcements to communicate with parents & guardians. If you do not have email, please inform the office so that we can make alternate arrangements to communicate with you. Remember to update the office immediately if any pertinent information (phone number, email or address) changes at any time.

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