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Educational Services

ILCS understands that its primary role is the education of students and we take that responsibility seriously. Unlike most districts, we do not have a centralized office with many different departments.  Our educational services are provided through the site principals, coaches, lead teachers, and other supports in collaboration with the Executive Director.  



For the 2022-2023 school year, our program will be focused on implementing the Write From The Beginning writing curriculum.  



The following resources provide data and information on our students' achievement.  

The state has transitioned to a new dashboard to demonstrate school level achievement rather than the old API system where a school was provided a ranked number.


ILCS has recently adopted Common Core materials for math and language arts for grades Kindergarten through Grade 5.  Grades 6 through 8 currently organized their curriculum using the Common Core standards using a variety of materials and publishers to create units of study.  The adopted materials used are Pearson ELA and Math.  Click on the links below for more information.


ILCS's vision is to educate every student through dignity driven, innovate inclusive practices, to accelerate learning and cultivate 21st century leaders. To accomplish this vision, ILCS offers comprehensive special education services for students attending our school. We are excited as the school year begins, this will be our first year where ILCS implements Co-Teaching practices across all grade levels for students receiving specialized academic instruction services under an Individualized Education Plan. These services are provided within the general education setting and marks our third year where all students regardless of learning difference, receive his or her instruction in the general education setting. Students attending ILCS are not viewed as learning disabled but rather as having learning differences from typically developing students. We believe that all students have the right to be educated together and seek to ensure this right. With that belief, we aim to provide social, emotional, and academic supports within the general education to foster the growth of all students. As we continue this work, ILCS partners with El Dorado Charter SELPA in the provision and oversight of all special education services. Please review the El Dorado Charter SELPA Local Plan here. In addition, El Dorado Charter Governance documents and resources can be found here.


ILCS operates a Title 1 Part A Targeted Assistance program that provides assistance to students identified as requiring additional academic supports to successfully master the standards. Click here for the parent notification letter that provides more detail as to the services provided. For more information about the Title 1 program at ILCS, click here

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