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Independent Study 

What is Independent Study? Independent Study at ILCS is an option for families that want the rigor and
innovation in education that Inland Leaders offers, but the flexibility of being at home. You can be sure that by
participating in our program, your student will meet all the requirements set by the state in curriculum
standards, lesson plans, attendance, and testing while being overseen by a California credentialed teacher.

Home Schooling

Traditional Home School Independent Study is available for students Kindergarten through 8th grade. It allows the flexibility of schooling at home during hours that work best for the family, but with help and guidance from their assigned credentialed teacher. Lesson plans and curriculum are provided to ensure that the student is successful while schooling at home. Assignments vary from textbook work, worksheets, projects, and online assignments. Parents will lead the daily instruction for their child and the assigned independent study teacher is available for questions and clarification at any time during school hours. The Independent Study Teacher will work together with the family to assign benchmark assessments, progress monitoring, and report cards.

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