-Explain your definition of a leader.

"Leader means to be someone doing good when no one is watching, it means you need to be kind and to stand up for what you believe in."

-What do you believe are your leadership strengths?

"I believe I always take care of other kids and stand up for anyone who needs it."

-What are your special interests or skills?

"I like writing personal essays or math, I also like making duct tape pens."

-Briefly list and describe any clubs, activities, or groups in which you have participated. 

"I do water polo at Crafton and always try to include the littler kids. "

-In terms of school culture and school pride, in what areas do see a possibility for improvement at ILCS?

"I feel like we did an amazing job updating the school this past year, but I think we could update the school balls or jump ropes."


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