A variety of after-lunch electives takes place on the campuses each day.  These electives include music, art, dance, foreign language, technology , and many more subjects.

Interested in teaching an elective at an ILCS campus? Click HERE!

Due to our current learning model, we will not be offering Electives during this season. We do have some Elective Teachers who would like to offer classes during this time.

Check out this link for more information on Distance Electives.

Please note that all correspondence for Electives will be between the parents and the Elective Teachers. ILCS will not be facilitating class placements or any payments during the Virtual Elective Season. Please contact the teacher with any questions. Contact info can be found on the slides.

Contact Information

Jacqui Reseigh

Activities Coordinator

909-446-1100 Ext. 111

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