Kassidy Bott
for President

-Explain your definition of a leader.

"My definition of a leader is someone who can guide others while being kind and supportive. It’s someone who makes the right choice even when it's a difficult choice to make. A leader is someone who is a good role model and always has others best interest at heart."

-What do you believe are your leadership strengths?

"I believe I am creative, intelligent, confident, honest, trustworthy, hardworking, dedicated, passionate, and loyal."

-What are your special interests or skills?

"I enjoy helping others, supporting group events, being a role model, and working as a team member. I like working hard to make positive changes, coming up with creative ideas, and being a problem solver. I am a social person, and I work well with others. I am also a good listener, and I value the opinions of others."

-Briefly list and describe any clubs, activities, or groups in which you have participated. 

"I'm involved with dance, piano, softball, and student council. In dance class and in piano, my teachers recognize my dedication and hard work. I have often been given lead roles in the recitals because I follow directions and put my heart into it. Even though I was new to softball last year, my coaches recognized my potential. With a lot of hard work and practice, I made the elite team because the coaches liked my positive attitude and dedication to the sport. They considered me a leader and often used me as an example of ways the girls on the team could support and encourage one another. In student council, I have the leadership role of Sergeant at Arms. I work hard to keep everyone focused and on task during our meeting to make sure we accomplish our goals."

-In terms of school culture and school pride, in what areas do you see a possibility for improvement at ILCS?

"I love ILCS, but there is always room for improvement. I would love to get more people involved in the school to raise our school spirit and make ILCS a great place to learn all while still having fun! I think we need to have more virtual events so we can get more students involved who aren’t able or don’t want to attend our normal after school events. Winners of virtual events could win small prizes like free tickets to the dances or small treats. Advertising the chance to win free dance tickets may also increase the interest in the dances and dance attendance. I think we could have even more friendly competitions or fun assemblies that the entire school is involved with to raise school spirit for every grade."