-Explain your definition of a leader.

"A leader is someone who is a good example and thinks of what is best for others when making decisions."

-What do you believe are your leadership strengths?

"I am a hard worker and I work well with other people. People can count on me because if I'm given a job to do, I will get it done."

-What are your special interests or skills?

"I like to make new friends and get to know people of all ages. I'm not afraid to get up in front of big groups and I enjoy planning and participating in all kinds of activities. I like to help everyone get involved and help them feel included."

-Briefly list and describe any clubs, activities, or groups in which you have participated. 

"Pride Rock Studios- I applied for and participated in Mr. Holt's Saturday animation elective for the last 2 years. This year I was chosen as the character design leader for our project.

Church Youth Group- This year I was chosen as the leader over my age group. I helped the adult leaders and other youth leaders plan, organize and run activities for the youth of my church.

ILCS Cafeteria Volunteer- I worked in the cafeteria every Wednesday this year. I was chosen as the shift leader and helped organize our group of volunteers to clean the cafeteria and help students during lunch.

ILCS Cross Country/Track- I started running for our school in 5th grade. I have worked really hard, even training on my own outside of scheduled practices and in the off-season. This year in Cross Country I won an award for significantly improving my race time."

-In terms of school culture and school pride, in what areas do see a possibility for improvement at ILCS?

"I think a great addition to our school would be to start some student led clubs during lunch and breaks. This would be a good way to give kids the chance to meet new people who have similar interests."


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