-Explain your definition of a leader.

"A leader is someone who follows the rules, owns their actions, helps someone in need, and shows integrity."

-What do you believe are your leadership strengths?

"I consider myself a loyal friend, I help when help is needed, and I follow the rules."

-What are your special interests or skills?

"I love all physical activities, especially outdoor sports, such as basketball and swimming. Some of my skills include, being a good team player and having sportsmanship."

-Briefly list and describe any clubs, activities, or groups in which you have participated. 

"I have participated in many sport teams. I was briefly involved in the boys bible study with Mr. Luu. I held the position of police officer in my classroom."

-In terms of school culture and school pride, in what areas do see a possibility for improvement at ILCS?

"One of my ideas is a "Sports Open-House". This would involve all the sports teams. Everyone, including coaches, would gather on the field after school one day to give a little preview of their sport and answer any questions students might have about joining. Maybe even playing a short scrimmage game of whatever sport they are representing. This would encourage more students to join a team. I also hope to make exciting announcements daily, highlighting key moments and players in various games so that the entire school can hear what happened and feel like they are part of the excitement."


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