Inland Leaders Charter School

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Lion's Roar:

Lions' Roar goes   our back-office team, including Tracy Burson, Tania Duran, Krystin Duran, Connie Huntsman, Marianne Loomis, & Aimee Richards.  During the school days, over summer, & during Thanksgiving/Christmas/spring break, this team keeps the engine of ILCS running.  Your reliability is such a blessing to us all!
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We are so thankful for our parents and guardians at Inland Leaders and the support you provide to our staff and students.  It is a blessing to work with so many parents who understand the value of education, high expectations, and a strong work ethic.  The partnerships that we have with our parents are what will propel students "beyond the limits." We believe that the parent plays as crucial a role in the education of a child as any other factor in their life.  Thank you or choosing our school and we look forward to working closely with you.