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Lion's Roar:

Lions' Roar goes to Veronica Godinez, for joining ILCS in a leadership role with so much responsibility & opportunity for improving our school.
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Dollar A Day

Paws 4 Funds!

DOLLAR A DAY is our new fundraising program designed to effectively utilize our parents and students’ time, energy and efforts on raising funds to directly support our school.

We are asking that each family donate $1 a day for every day of the calendar year, equating to $30 a month or $365 a year. This valuable donation may possibly be able to replace the special coffee drinks we treat ourselves to on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis and yield very valuable things to show for it!

We also understand that this monetary value (or any) may be too big of a commitment for some families right now, so instead we’d like to encourage you to “spread the word” by telling your family, friends and members of the community about the program and encourage them to log on and donate on behalf of your student.

100% Of ALL PROCEEDS are tax-deductible and will go to your students’ grade levels to provide field trips and technology in the classrooms!

CLICK TO DONATE on the “Donate” button below and complete the information using a credit card. ILCS will also take checks made out to “Inland Leaders” with “Dollar a Day” in the memo section.

PLEASE REMEMBER If you have already donated money to the school this year, then please remove this amount from your total donation made so far.

SPREAD THE WORD send your friends and family to the site to donate on behalf of your student to raise funds.