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Lion's Roar:

Lions' Roar goes   our back-office team, including Tracy Burson, Tania Duran, Krystin Duran, Connie Huntsman, Marianne Loomis, & Aimee Richards.  During the school days, over summer, & during Thanksgiving/Christmas/spring break, this team keeps the engine of ILCS running.  Your reliability is such a blessing to us all!
Independent Study » Independent Study Home

Independent Study Home

Inland Leaders educates the majority of its students in a site-based program in which students attend school each day. As a part of our desire to serve the community of home-schooled students we also offer an independent study program that closely resembles what we do in our regular site-based classes. If you are interested please complete form below. Also below is a link to the independent study website and blog spot.

Independent Study Interest Form

Independent Study Website