Inland Leaders Charter School

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Lion's Roar:

Lions' Roar goes   our back-office team, including Tracy Burson, Tania Duran, Krystin Duran, Connie Huntsman, Marianne Loomis, & Aimee Richards.  During the school days, over summer, & during Thanksgiving/Christmas/spring break, this team keeps the engine of ILCS running.  Your reliability is such a blessing to us all!
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ILCS Overview

The philosophy behind this charter is driven by five core components: results-oriented programming, student leadership, small learning communities, family first, and rigorous individualized instruction. Each of these core elements contributes to the overall goal of the school, which is the creation of self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners.


  • All students will learn
  • All students, regardless of background or previous history are leaders.
  • Students learn best in a family-oriented, safe, caring and respectful environment.
  • Diverse student needs require diversity in curriculum and instructional delivery.
  • The family/school partnership is the most critical element in the success of students. Parents will be expected to participate in the activities of the school as specified in the parent/school compact.
  • Student success is enhanced through smaller class and school size.
  • Character development is just as important as academic prowess and demands deliberate instruction and integration into student curriculum and activities.
  • Students need to be taught at their instructional/standard level for individual subjects rather than be assigned to classes based on age.
  • Student acceleration is effective.
  • To be equipped for the 21st century students need to be exposed to a variety of subjects including second languages, the arts, and life skills.
  • Student learning is the direct result of the expertise, care, and dedication of the teacher.
  • Student learning is developmental and occurs at varying rates of speed.
  • Students need to be challenged and actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Student effort needs to be reinforced at all levels to produce success.
  • Learning needs to be fun, meaningful and productive for the learner.

Academic Program Highlights

ILCS will teach the California State Standards using innovative programs. Class sizes for Kindergarten through third grade will be at 20 students and fourth through sixth at 25 students. Students will be grouped by standards levels not by age groups to allow for greater acceleration of student learning. Students will accelerate through the standards at their own pace once mastery is demonstrated. They will learn a second language and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of after school programs selected for their interests and needs. Students will also participate in leadership training which will result in public service projects throughout our community. ILCS views every child as a potential leader. The school will also offer an independent study program for families who wish to complete their studies at home with the weekly guidance of a certified teacher

Family Centered Environment

ILCS is dedicated to the strengthening of the family and will operate with an understanding that the family/school relationship is critical to student success. Students will attend school from close to 8AM  to 1PM each day to allow for more flexibility in family time. Students will receive the required instructional minutes for language, math, PE, science , technology, foreign language, character education and social studies. Students will forego the longer traditional recess and lunch breaks to be able to return to their families at an earlier time.