Inland Leaders Charter School

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Lion's Roar:

Lions' Roar goes to Veronica Godinez, for joining ILCS in a leadership role with so much responsibility & opportunity for improving our school.

Dress Code Policy

The school board came to a final decision on our Dress For Success dress code for next year.
The philosophy of ILCS is to prepare students as 21st Century Leaders. We continually consider ways to improve our ability to teach and educate students, to prepare them for whatever job or career they choose.
In our research, most positions require a uniform or professional dress type of standard. Colors are not important in this policy and the overarching dynamic is not about everyone’s personal preference when it comes to attire, piercings, or other styles in fashion but to help students understand that their attire at school has a standard of expectation.
In addition, ILCS is allowing for a uniform for families who would like to participate in the program and purchase a standard uniform for their students. Coming very soon, through specific vendor websites, uniforms will available. See the attached document for the complete and final, new dress code policy.